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Interesting facts about Gum rosin

What associations arise when you hear the word "rosin"? Most likely, images related to soldering chips are spinning in your head.

Have you ever wondered how to get Gum rosin and in what spheres is it used?

Gum rosin is produced by resin processing of coniferous trees. Resin is extracted by tapping the forest.

There are several types of rosin: gum, extraction, tall.

In what spheres people are using Gum rosin? It is used in the manufacturing of soap and as a component for paint products.

It should be noticed that Gum rosin used in the manufacture of paper and wax. The usage of Gum rosin is sometimes so unexpected: musicians rub the bows of stringed instruments by rosin, dancers rub their shoes to avoid sliding.

Rosin itself is quite fragile, but at the same time rather firm. The color can range from light yellow to dark brown. Gum rosin's Top grade is similar in color to amber.